The tapes we produce are widely used in all areas of the textile industry:
• Home textiles;
• Clothing;
• Specialized clothing and equipment;
• Technical textiles;
• Production of backpacks and bags,
• Packaging.
For the different types of tapes, we also use the corresponding materials: natural (cotton, linen, viscose) or synthetic (polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, metallized thread).
We specialize in the manufacture of webbing made from High Tenacity polyester or polyamide yarns to meet the specific functional requirements of our products.
The tapes can be designed in all their aspects including their color, texture, thickness and resistance depending on their specific purpose and customer requirement.
The tapes we produce have different structures:
    • twill weave (herringbone and repeated herringbone)
    • grossgrain,
    • plain weaving,
    • satin weaving,
    • jacquard,
    • webbing,
    • woven tubular (hollow),
    •  knitted.